How To Download Instagram Videos – Fastest Way


it’s really simple to download Instagram videos to your phone. so I hope this tutorial will help you doing it. I’m not too sure on if this works the same for iPhones which runs on Apple.. It works on Android but like I said this is will be mostly for Android.

To download go over to Google play store and search up “video downloader for Instagram repost” app or “just Instagram Downloader” and just scroll down until you find this one and then download it and open it.

once you open it, it says share URL here. now you don’t have to really do anything but go keep the app up just make sure it’s still up, by minimising it and then go to Instagram

top right of the post and click copy link and if you’ve noticed downloading will start, Yeah just like that! if your video is a little longer and you go back to that app it will show like how long it has to go for it to download but usually it’s pretty quick because Instagram videos aren’t that long. anyways once you have your video downloaded you can go to your gallery to watch.

I don’t know if that’s copyright but you get the idea and there you have it how to download Instagram videos to your android phone. now let’s go back over the steps:

Go to the Play Store download the app

Open it; keep it open

go to Instagram find a video copy link and it will just starts downloading right away

so I hope you enjoyed this, I believe you now has a clear vision on how to do it. it’s really simple you just download the app copy the link and bam your video’s downloaded. now I’m not too sure if it works on iphone the same way or even if they have the app on their App Store but you know if you have an Android phone you’re set, if the post helped you leave a comment below and share to friends.

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