How To Restore Data From Stolen Phone

Hey, welcome to uchehub,. Early this year my phone got lost, it hurt me not because of my data but the phone itself, Yeah I’m damn serious. You know most people complain about their data when they lost their device but that was not my case. After few days of having only SIM card(I did welcome back), I got new a phone, my friends was surprised not that I replaced my phone but it have all contact, pictures, music and other stuff I had with other phone. And their questions was “how come you lose nothing”

Mind you I still lose some things but not vital ones. Here I will tell you what I did and how you can do it to restore your data from lost device. Just follow the instructions below :
Start by synchronising your phone with Google. (Google gives you up to 15gig free space).
When saving your contacts ; save on Google account not SIM or Phone.
Use Google photo app to sync your photos ( do it with WiFi to save data)
Always save your document and other important files to Google drive.
If you have Back up & sync on, deleting the Google Photos app from your device will not turn it off.

You should develop the habit of backing up and sync your device at least once a week, so you would not lose much data when your device get lost. You can also access your data on any Internet enabled device

You can access them by visiting:

To restore to new phone, Sign in to your Google account with the new phone – preferable with WiFi.

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