How to Easily Hack Facebook Account

Hello! Welcome to this wonderful tutorial. One might says: Why are you teaching this? Yes in this post I will show you:

How to hack Facebook account using your mobile phone

How to hack Facebook account by phishing the password

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There are many ways to get into someone facebook account but I will show you two of it that is very simple that required no special programming skills. Below are fastest ways to hack Facebook account :

  1. Hack Facebook account with your own phone number

Yes this sounds strange🤔, how possible? This might be one of questions on your mind now. Actually I don’t like guessing – I’m not good on it . Yes you don’t have to stress yourself guessing someone password even though some peoples facebook account passwords are very weak. But I don’t guess! Lol.

To hack do the following instructions.

  1. Ask him or her for phone
  2. Ask him or her to unlock the phone if passworded – don’t request password.
  3. Open his or her Facebook app
  4. Go to settings, personal information, click edit phone number. Enter your own phone number then verify.
  5. Close the app and force it to stop
  6. Return the phone, wait for some time and do following with your own phone.
  7. Open your Facebook app then log out.
  8. Click log in then forget password
  9. Enter the phone number you added to reset the password. Do fast now! the Facebook password reset code was also sent to her phone, it will raise suspicious if she is security conscious.
  10. Follow the instructions to log out the account from devices previously use on.
  11. Go to settings, personal information.
  12. Locate edit email, add your own email then check on your email to verify.
  13. Now log in to the Facebook account on browser , Google chrome preferably.
  14. Go to settings, Edit emails. Change the primary Email to the one you just verified.
  15. Refresh and click on remove Email to remove his or her own email.

Yeah all is done! He or she can’t access it any more.

How to hack Facebook account by phishing.

For some reasons I would not paste code. It’s very simple to create though.

Make a fake web page that looks like that of facebook. Here is how to do it.

Log out on Facebook, click login. View the source code of it. copy it to notepad and save it as (index.html)

Get any php script which can send you password that is entered in fake page. Save as “login.php”

Upload both index.html and login.php to any free hosting service and its ready to use.

When the password and id will be entered in fake page it will be save in log.txt and you can find this file near both the file are hosted.
Note. Don’t host phishing site on your main host. Use free domain and host, then use cloudflare to get ssl. You can use freenom to get domain and host it on 000webhost.

After this repeat the first method (no 4 down) to totally control the account.

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Remember this is for Educational purposes only!

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