How To Get Dollar Debit card In 10 Minutes For International Transactions In Nigeria


Virtual card is a digital payment strategy where the virtual card contains the same information as the plastic card and associated with the corporate’s actual credit card it has characteristics that allow the reconciliation process to be more automated and its deployed during the reservation process and sends payment restriction and instruction for the preferred suppliers this makes sure that the company’s policy is enforced fairly throughout the company not to mention how Its secure and private, accepted worldwide cannot be lost or stolen! As we all know not every employ that travel for work carries a corporate credit card so virtual credit card are a great and convenient to use alternative. Travelers are able to pay their expenses seamlessly while companies and travel managers can track movements, reduce fraud.

So, Today I will show you:

  • How to get virtual debit cards in 10 minutes.
  • How to create virtual debit card.
  • How to pay Facebook ads with your virtual debit.
  • How to perform International transactions with your virtual Debit card and also
  • How to found your virtual Debit card.
I will make it easy for you by providing pictorial illustration of some necessary steps.
To create virtual debit cards follow the instructions below:
Visit getbarter. Com

Create account and verify your email.

Found your naira wallet with your Nigeria debit card.

Transfer your money from NG wallet to dollar wallet.

Click on menu then card, to create new virtual card.

Select your dollar wallet as funding wallet.

Type in amout you want the card to hold; limit amount is $10.

Select card type “regular” else “one” for only one use.

Then click create card.

Your virtual debit card is read for international transactions like paying for Facebook ads, Google ads, shop on Amazon and any other sites that accept dollar debit cards.

With this, you will perform international transactions without fear of your main bank details been hijack.

This virtual debit card allow you to perform your transaction with one card only ; meaning if your Facebook ads, Google ads or any other international transaction costs $50 you can just generate virtual card of $50 and pay for it.

It also allows one to transact online on deference website easily if your virtual card is regular.

I believe with this you don’t need domiciliary account or dollar account again for international transactions in Nigeria.

If you encountered any problem or have questions feel free to drop them on comment section below.

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