How To Convert mp4 to mp3 Vice Versa without any application

Hey, do you know you can actually convert mp4 to mp3 verse versa easily using no application, yes is possible,. So after reading this post your search for :

  • How to convert mp4 to mp3
  • How to convert mp3 to mp4
  • How to convert video to audio

Or whatever queries you type in to arrive here will glad you because here is the last bust stop to your questions.
So let move on to our topic,

 To convert mp4 to mp3 just follow this simple process :

  1. Use your file manager, locate the file.
  2. Rename it from name.mp4 to name.mp3 (just delete the “mp4” and replace it with “mp3”)

To convert mp3 to mp4, do this :

  1. Using file Manger, locate the file
  2. Rename it from mp3 to mp4 ( Yeah, remove the last word “mp3” and type in “mp4”)

Yeah that is all you have to do to convert video to audio.
But note that it works only for file that is originally video

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