how to stop snoring while sleeping

Snoring is act of breathing noisily once one is asleep. This usually undermine people’s comfort who shares space with you , and it seemingly leaves you feeling tired in the morning. If you wish to stop snoring, you’ll build simple style changes to cut back your snoring risk, and you’ll take steps to keep your airways open. It’s also an honest idea to speak to your doctor regarding your snoring, as medical treatments could also be necessary.

1. Do not drink alcohol right before you go to bed.

Alcohol relaxes your body, that truly will increase your risk of snoring. this is often as a result of your throat muscles will relax, creating them collapse a little. this may cause you to snore more. If snoring is a concern, you ought to not drink about to bedtime.
If you fancy a drink, limit how much your drink to two servings or less, and allow enough time before bed for the effects of the alcohol to wear off

2. Quit smoking.

Smoking will increase your risk of snoring. It conjointly makes snoring worse. Overall, abandoning cigarettes will assist you breathe better, thus give it a try.
If you’re struggling to quit, confer with your doctor regarding quitting aides, like gum, patches, and prescription medication.

3. Singing 

Sing for twenty minutes every day to assist tighten your throat muscles. Since slack throat muscles are often the reason behind snoring, tightening them can help eliminate your symptoms. when performed daily for a minimum of twenty minutes, singing will facilitate tighten your muscles.
Alternatively, you may play a wind instrument, like the oboe or french horn.
Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back causes the tissues within the back of your throat to droop down, creating your airways slender. Turning onto either side alleviates this drawback, reducing your risk of snoring.

4. Maintain a healthy weight. 

Extra weight will worsen snoring. consumption a healthy, diet and exertion will assist you relieve your snoring symptoms.
Talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise program.
People who are a healthy weight will still have a snoring drawback, particularly if there are underlying health risks like sleep disorder.

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  1. My husband used to snore quite a lot. He hasn't in quite some time, although he does drink a lot of wine before bed now, haha. Hopefully the alcohol doesn't start making him snore again!

  2. I know someone who snorts when she sleeps. It's quite odd because she never drinks, smokes and has a very good body proportion. She sings too! I wonder why she snorts. I suppose she needs to sing more often.

  3. I have a huge issue with snoring because I have a lot of double chin and neck fat, which I am assuming is the issue. I need to lose weight because I always wake up with my mouth extremely dry.

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