Better Way of Contacting Your Customer’s Service Provider

Hello dear reader, contacting your customer service department or support is best thing anyone can think of when one is stuck in irregularities or difficult of using their product and services. Although the customer service department of most companies is always busy that they will ask their customers to wait patiently . But their are some situations where one needs not to be in queue waiting to be attended to.
Usually many companies provides many channels of reaching them, usually by:

  • Call 
  • Email
  • Social media

Call :  With the above information, a lot of people have been using ‘call ’  as means of getting answers, though the call option is still a very good way to get attention of your service provider but some time ⌚ they will keep you waiting for long.
Email: when you have serious question or problem that need better explanation then contacting them through Email is excellent and confidence way to forward your message to them.

Social media:  when you hears about Global village what comes to mind? Global village is all about how online communities unite us in such a way that we require not to travel again to pass messages across. Every village have sub groups or unit called family and I will confidently say that SOCIAL MEDIA is the family when one talk about the Global village.  With a lot of research I have found that SOCIAL MEDIA is actually the best way to get quick response from your services provider for the following reasons :
  • Few people know about it.
  • The customers department through social media are less busy.
With this I suggest that any time you experience difficulties in services and products, to use social media channel as a quick way to get their attention. Do the following to contact your services provider on social media ;
  1. Sign in to your social media account eg Facebook or Twitter [I prefer Facebook]
  2. Use search botton provided ; search using the company name.
  3. In the search results use the one that have green badge, it show that the page is verified.
  4. Open and check their response rate incase of Facebook page, use it if they reply instantly.

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