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How To Produce Bleach (e.g JIK, HYPO) For Laundry

Do you know you can produce Bleach yourself? It requires no special training but for you to follow instructions below to homely produce your own Bleach Today:

Caustic Soda ………….. 1/2 cup SodaAsh………………… 1cup
Chlorine ………………….. 1cup
 Water ……………………… 5 litres

Material needed for production 

  • 1. Face Mask.
  • 2. Long Sleeves.
  • 3. Hand Gloves.
  • 4. Wooden Turner.
  • 5. 2 Medium Bowls.
Production of Bleach
  • Get a clean container and add clean water into‘ it.
  • Dilute caustic Soda in the water (mix ingredients in an open environment to avoid inhalation of toxic fumes and wear gloves and protective clothing While mixing bleach.
  • Add Soda Ash and mix gently.
  • Measure Chlorine and. Stir till you achieve a homogenous mixture (chlorine and caustic soda will react to form hypoclorites bleach)
  • When that is achieved, cover and keep for 24 hours for the liquid to clearly separate from suspended particles.
  • Decant to remove impurities then package into different plastic containers with  lids for home use or for sale.
  • Clearly label and safely store out of reach of children
Note: Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in place of Sodium hypochlorite (non toxic bleach) to be on the safer side.
Harmful Effects of Bleach
The Chlorine gas when released could result in nose and throat irritation in humans.
The gas released from Chlorine could cause destruction of some beneficial organism like bacteria, virus and fungi.

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