How To Easily Connect Your Phone To Your Computer Wirelessly

Hey, Do you know you can actually connect phone to your PC without using USB cable. Yes to connect it is very easy and simple that it requires not expertise in phone or computer. To connect your phone to PC just follow the instructions below;
1. Download the latest xender application ; Open it and nevigate to connect to PC. Click on the create wifi Hotspot.
2. Connect to Hotspot created with your your PC.
3. Open  browser of your PC, and type in the address shown on your xender app ; it will prompt you to accept it in your phone. Click on accept bottom on push up notifications on xender app to connect it.
4. Yes! you have successfully connected to your computer.

To transfer file from your computer to phone, navigate to file type [video, music, photos and others] click upload on the top left corner of your browser.
That’s it on how to connect your phone to PC,  You did experience any problems? Use comment section below to tell us.

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