See Crazy Way Secondary School Students Celebrate Their Final WAEC Examination

 During the final moments before the end of any exam, students twitch restlessly in a turmoil of dread, anticipation and desperation. Dread for those who know they aren’t going to finish in time; anticipation for those who know that freedom is nigh; and desperation for those who are long overdue for a bathroom break.

UCHEHUBrtheless, a communal sense of relief binds every student in the room as those two words are uttered.
Here’s photos from secondary school students in Enugu North [Nsukka] celebrating  end of their WAEC examination, with their school uniforms tore,  telling us  they are through with secondary school education and have nothing to with it uniform again. Is not  better they give out their clothes to junior ones instead of damaging it to this extent?

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