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Check Out How To Post Any Link On Nairaland

Hey! how do one promote product and services online? do you know that the most effective way to promote any business online is by finding your potential customers location then you creat outstanding and mind-blowing content.
This will leave your audience with little doubt but to subscribe to your services. Another important factor is how do one finds her audience location? Yes! Finding your audience isn’t straightforward however with right approach, I promise you’ll realize it all within seconds.
Simply ask yourself – This my service/product WHO want it, WHERE is she; location [ nationwide or international].
So today I will unravel the three free websites to find your audience regardless of the things you are promoting. So keep calm and follow the TIPS below:
FACEBOOK, QUORA, AND NAIRALAND is best free place to find YOUR audience online, I will explain it one after the other:
FACEBOOK boost one billion active users, that is very good advantage to, you can reach your audience within short period of time. If you utilizes it well.
QUORA , Yes QUORA is a great website, people keep asking thousands of questions, and you can provide them with right answers and market your products and services in the process.
NAIRALAND, if you target Africa or Nigeria then NAIRALAND is best place for you. It’s a forum, one of the top ten sites in Nigeria according to Alexa ranking and also best forum in Africa that boost millions of visitors every month.
One thing I love about this site is that it’s interactive, and they hate spam comments, if you are thinking of spamming it, then you have to think twice because they have autobot and moderators that will certainly ban you and get your post deleted, but sometimes you create a genuine post with no bad intention and still got ban, yes that is the work of their autobot. Probably they Blacklisted your domain or one of the words  in your post.
So today I will show you how to make posts including Blacklisted domains [mostly affiliate and referral links] without getting ban. Note that nairaland do not accept many url shortner be it Google url, bitly, tinyurl and many others, but don’t worry as I will provide you with better option to it, but before you get it, all you have to do is  check this site and use the subscription pop up, enter your email and click subscribe, I will send the PROCESS to your mail, for further information use the menu and click on CONTACT US ,
Note: This is for educational purpose only, you are solely responsible for whatever you do with it afterward, Thanks.

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