How To Screenshot In PC Window 7, 8, 10

Screenshot is one of the things any computer user needs to know,  because it do not only help you make an image of your display but it provides you with EVIDENCE , Yes people do normally interact online with different objective, some with negative intention and deceptive in nature. All their plan is to spy and swindle you in a way that you will hardly know. In such situation, I suggest any time you observe such scenario before you blow the whistle on, take your time screenshot your chat history you had with the person.  he/she might pull out some evidence driven chat that you can use  against  him/her
When you need it all.

Certainly you will always come across some pictures or write up that you can’t just copy or download, but get the whole thing right in one pic! So screenshoting is right thing to do here.
No long story let move on, The question is:
How To Screenshot on PC,
How To Screenshot on Windows 7, 8, 9 10, and 11
How To Screenshot on Any PC.
The quickest way to Screenshot by using the print screen key on your keyboard , which is normally located at the upper right corner of your keyboard
To capture image or anything on your screen all  you have to do is:
Press prt sc key one time or

Press Fn+prt sc key or

Press ctrl +prt sc key
Depending your computer.
It will capture the image and save it in your computer memory. Though your computer will not notify you about it.
To save it navigate to your window menu click all programs, use the search under, to search programs ‘paint’ Yeah just type paint. Open it, press ctrl+ v to paste it. go to menu at the top left corner navigate through save as, save it with any format of your choice.

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