Top Website To Derive Traffic To Your Website/Blog 2018/2019

How do one get thousands of unique visitors to his or her blog ? 

Best Way to drive traffic to your site?

How to increase websites traffic?

Questions above are unending queries people keep up searching , possible to find right answer. Every article will you come across tells their own approach on how increase your daily unique visitors.

To get thousands unique visitors daily to your site here’s what you needs :


Try as you could to make your blog mobile friendly , fast loading , easy navigation and cross browser compatibility. When your site lacks any of the above feature it will be rare to have a new visitors revisit your site.


Imagine when headlines persuade you and end up falling for it, but stumble upon nothing worth of your time.
Yes! Your blog headline serve as notice board to your blog, and some notice board will not let you pass by . So when you finally get hold of the visitors, deliver that you promised.

Below are top places to share your site contents :

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the top 10 most visited websites globally, that means that almost every individuals that surf the net visits YouTube. I promise you will get enough traffic to your website/blog if utilized the basic things that will prompt your post to the top trending.

To do this, follow the outline below :

1. Creat YouTube channel
2. Create unique video and upload
3. Use eye catching headline that will force people to watch your video.

Make sure you encourage people to subscribe to your channel. And also leave a link to your website/blog on video description.

2. Facebook page

Yes! Facebook is is most popular social media on earth ??, that a single post from individual can leads to reformation globally due to it mass outreach.
With facebook page you can achieve the following with easy :

I. Build Brand Awareness

ii. Increase Your Followers

iii. Bring Traffic to Your Website

iv. Determine Your Target Audience

So how to grow your business facebook page is pretty easy to,

1. Log in to your Facebook
2. Create a new page
3. Search your keywords on Facebook.
4. Go to group on your search results.
5. Join groups that is populous and contribute positively.

6. Make a post on your Facebook page and share to all the group you have joined.

Wait and watch as your Facebook page grow.

3. Quara

Quara is an answering website, that people ask question get answer on it. Below is reasons why you need to join quara.

1. Quora is a great place to find ideas about anything.
Don’t know what to write about? Find out what your
audience wants to know about your industry, and
blog about that! Quora can be a great market
research tool for bloggers to make sure that their
content is relevant to their actual audience, and
not just a good idea to them.

2. Quora is a great place to find experts.
The one thing Quora has a lot of is experts .
Every question has a democratically voted-on “Best
Answer,” and by consequence, “Best Answerer.”
Connecting with these people will give you tons of
experts in an industry to pick the brain of or
hobnob with.
3. Quora provides networking opportunity and increase your own

So with this  you are sure of winning a lot of followers to your websites when you provide the best answer to a question. To do this, go to and sign up with either Facebook or Google account. Choose your area of interest be it Bloging, internet, SEO and many others. After successful registration scroll down to question and try as much to provide good answer or solution to the questions. Also try to leave your link that relates to questions within your answer making sure it doesn’t look spammy.

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