How To See Pictures of Person With Your phone If lost/stolen


Hello dear one! When you have vital call to  make, but your phone battery is down. You have to look for safe vicinity to charge, however when  you are not at home or a vicinity you can confidently charge and do other things.  you left with no other option but to take the risk and charge your phone. Then remain close – watch over it. Yet it do not give you hope that it’s save charging . I can confidently say that 80% of people who lost  their smartphone was in the course of the charging process.
So today I present to you the satisfactory way to secure your smartphone when ever you are busy that you couldn’t have it on pocket. The process am going to expose to you is outstanding that you will hardly ever loss your cellphone again when follow up. So let start 🌟!
The app is a must for every andriod phone due to the following reasons
a. When this app is installed on your phone, it will to take an images of the thieves and pinpoint their exact location
b. The thief can not stop

the alarm!
c. Flashlights when the alarm is triggered
d. This simple safety app has saved my smartphone . Thieves hate it !
Download from Google play, open it and do the following :
1. Click on intruder sefie then enter email [ it sends the person image to your email]. The app will secretly take the image of the intruder when he move your phone or unplug your charger.
2. Still on setting nevigate to customization
3. Check on botton ‘blinking flash lights on alarm’ [this Will help you get hold of person  at night because the flash light will blink unstoppable].
4. Also take a look at botton ‘vibrate on alarm’ [this will left the person embarrass 😳 due to eyes on him]
5. On your data- if your data is off, it will takes the picture but save in your phone memory. So if the individual finally go with the phone, you will not see it because he would possibly check your phone and delete it or uninstall the Application.
So the excellent aspect here is to leave your data on; the app will send the photos without delay to email, of which you can access from any internet enabled device [login to email]
Download it from Google play store here

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