5 Magic Ways To Talk To A Girl You Love


Yes, sometimes you see someone you love, but the problem is how to express your feelings to her, so today I will suggest to you the possible way to let your heart open to her.
1. Your body language:
this will account for up to 90% of the messages you need to let her know . Your body movements passes a lot of messages. So be humble, find out what she loves and and start doing it!
2: Smile:
Yes just a smile you can get her!
Wherever you are going and wherever you walk into, yes I say it again; have a nice smile on your face.
You don’t have to be a smiling idiot, yeah everything gets limits any there’s time for everything, so Don’t smile when she feels pain . But have a
pleasant look so when you catch her eye a give her a nice smile.
It shows you’re warm and she is safe with you.
3.Don’t be in hurry!
When you’re walking, talking, responding and standing with her Try to just slow it down. When you
show you’re in no hurry it shows you’re in your own world and not affected by outside
4: Stimulation.
Yeah find something that will make her laugh hard
You’re a man and in control.
I’ve also found if you slow it down, this gives you more time to take it all in and assess the
environment. You can then find your Lois Lane and casually make your way over to her.
What will also start happening for you is that women will somehow end up near you and find ways to start talking to you.
It’s hard to explain but I feel they have a sense of your energy and it magnetises them in.
This takes some time so don’t be concerned if it doesn’t happen straight away. I’ve been working
on this transformation stuff for almost 4 years and I am only just starting to understand this
deeper energy and power.
5. Look into her eyes:
When you can look into a woman’s eyes confidentially, this sends a very powerful
message that you’re in control and not intimated. When she catches you just give her a nice smile.
Looking at her in the eyes also keeps you focused and alert. The last thing you want to be
doing when you’re with a woman is have your eyes darting all over the place to see what
else is going on around you.
Don’t become some staring weirdo lol 😂 😂 some people can use eye to cause traffic jam, lol, as I said before too much of everything is bad – be gentle man.  Break your glance from time to time.
Then come back and connect with those beautiful eyes.
Pause, whisper, nod, wink and smirk
I have found it very powerful to communicate using these methods to build attraction with
women. When she asked you a question take your time to respond. Or when you are telling a
story, pause before crucial moments. It creates so much more impact and attraction.
I’ve also found that when you want to really make a connection, slowly whisper some answers to
questions or comments quietly into her ear. Try to have your lips touch her ear a little. This is
very powerful when done correctly.


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