How to scan image and extract characters in it with Android phone

Optical character recognition : this software takes a scanned image and convert the characters in the image into a computer character. The document can then be edited. This is a tricky process, document must be carefully checked for wrong conversion – wrong conversion is often written in red. But to get best results, make it very crisp and clean this will reduce errors during scanning process. Also run manually checking for proper translation – the key here is to make sure that the image is not blurry.
To do this with your smartphone – android, is possible. I will make it brief and simple with pictorial illustrations on how to do it.
1. Download  text scanner From Google play click here to download.
2. Open the app after successfully installation.
3.You have option either to take new pictures or upload from your phone gallery.
4. Crop the image and press go and wait as it scan the image.
Note. There are many OCR software available but I recommend that you use text scanner, because it free and efficient. Also works offline

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