How to download facebook video

Hello my lovely reader. let say you are browsing facebook as you normally do and certainly you find an interesting video that you would love to download. What is the best way to do that?  Today I will show how to download facebook video with easy. The good thing here is that you don’t need any software to do it. Just follow the process  I listed below :
1. How to download facebook with your cumputer:  as you are nomarly viewing your Facebook feed there might be a video  that  you can’t just watch once – you need it downloaded.
As you see such video right click on it and click show url, then copy the url . Open a new tap and paste the url but change from [www to m.] that is to Mobile view. Play and pause, right click again you will see download option, which you can now download with just a click.
2. How to download facebook video on phone [andriod smart phone] :   as you stumple upon an interesting video to download it is simply easy. Just click and  copy the video url. Open your browser paste the link and go – make sure your browser is in mobile view if not change from www. To m.  .  Once it loads play and pause. Click and hold will see download option.
Note .You must play it
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