how to advertise on facebook in Nigeria 2018

How to advertize on Facebook
Having a wealthy content and quality products without a sell is like building mansion at desert whose owner get hold of no visitor.
Facebook is one of best  platform to show online presence of your product, with their audience targeting, I suggest it to anyone who need to increase her sell.
With their high traffic volume, Facebook is a valuable tool for advertisers. For every advertisement placed on a Facebook user’s profile, it is possible that any of their Facebook friends or visitors can see that same advertisement.
Here’s a few reasons why Facebook advertising is a valuable unique approach to increasing  profits:
1. You choose your content. Well-worded
content is a driving force behind effective
2. Design. The appearance of your ad is
important, and you have the ability to
customize it to represent your brand
3. Facebook ads target custom audiences.
Recently liked posts, and internet searches determine what advertisements show up on users’ pages. In other words, ads are placed on users’ pages that have already expressed interest in.
So today I will show you how to advertize on Facebook in Nigeria . It is no longer news that ever since CBN policy and directive we can not pay our facebook ads with normal debit card as we do before. But their is still an options available . I personally enquired from my bank and here goes their reply

“Hi Emmanuel, thank you for reaching out to us. Kindly note that currently, our Naira VISA debit card can only be used for transactions within Nigeria and not for international transactions and on international sites. You will be notified as soon as the service is restored. In the meantime, options available for foreign online transactions (such as for use on Facebook ads), include our Dollar and GBP debit cards available from our Diamond Domiciliary accounts. Thank you. #BeyondBanking”

So from their response I suggest you have to open Domiciliary accounts before you can again do international transactions.  Or better contact your bank to know options available.

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