Dream big motivational speech


Put  Your Goals in  Writing Written goals have a way of transforming wishes into wants, can’ts into cans, dreams into plans and plans into reality. The act of writing clarifies your goals and provides you with a way to check your progress.

to give you more motivation. So don’t just think it – ink it! In “Chicken Soup For The Soul”, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen told the story of a 15-year-old boy called John Goddard,  who  in  the  1920’s  wrote  down  a  list  of  goals  that  he  wanted  to  achieve  in  his  lifetime.
They  included:  exploring the River Nile, climbing the world’s highest mountains, following a career in medicine, playing Clair de Lune on the piano, marrying and having children, owning a cheetah, learning 3 foreign languages, visiting the birthplaces of both his grandfathers in Denmark and England, running a mile in 5 minutes, and riding a horse in a Rose Bowl Parade.
John wrote down 127 goals and when the 21st  century dawned, he achieved his 109th  goal – which was to live to see the 21st century. How did he achieve so many of his goals? By writing them down as a way of giving commitment to his dreams.
Dream Big:    One of the factors that restricts the realisation of our full potential is the belief that we shouldn’t go for big goals.   Yet all the evidence of those who realize big goals is that we can always achieve far more than we think. David Schwartz says in

his book “The Magic of Thinking Big”: “Big goals attract big resources like a magnet.”   There is nothing wrong in thinking big when you set your goals.
But you need to remember that a goal and a dream are not always the same thing. In his book, “Straight From the Gut”, Chairman and CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch recalls a meeting with the top people from his nuclear engineering division.
For over an hour, the executives laid out their goals to sell three nuclear reactors a year in the United States. At the end, Welch thanked his executives but said that, no matter how well-intentioned, it was no more than a dream to expect the USA to buy nuclear reactors again. A more realistic and pragmatic goal would be to perhaps service existing nuclear facilities.
Today, GE are top in their category of servicing nuclear plants.    They don’t invest in reactors any more.
Pitch Each Goal: Once you have set your ultimate goal, you then need to set the intermediate goals that will get  you where you want.
Don’t pitch these too easily or too ambitiously  or  they will  drop into the Drop Zone.     Aim to make  them challenging: out of reach, but not out of sight.
Imagine Yourself  Succeeding When your  will, your  rational  left-brained self, comes into  conflict with your imagination, your  creative right-brained self, your imagination wins every time. Mark  Victor  Hansen tells the  story of  the  child who  was frightened  of monsters under  her  bed. To calm  the  little  girl down, Hansen suggests it’s better to appeal to the little girl’s imagination than her reason. So, instead of saying something like,  “Don’t  be  silly,  there  are  no  monsters  there”,  say  something  like,  “Don’t  worry,  sweetheart,  our  monsters  are  the  kind that look after kids”.

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