Home work. Tips to help you stay ahead.

Homework is one activity that stays with every student all through his academic life. Even the first grader is supposed to complete the work assigned to him by his teacher. Sometimes, the tasks assigned to the students is so voluminous that it wears out the patience of the parents as well as kids. The activity which used to be fun filled and interesting at one point in time becomes wearisome. The kids start stalling and try to procrastinate and try everything in the book to avoid it.
Following some strategies, this common headache can be easily taken care of. The teachers have shared these strategies-
Complete the task as early as Possible
It is important that the kids finish their assigned work as early as possible and get it over and one with. The parents must set a schedule for the kids and ensure that they stick to it. It is because once the assigned work is over, the kids can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of the time playing or pursuing other fun filled activities.
Make a call list to avoid forgetting anything
If a kid gets a lot of work to be completed, it is best to make a list so that one doesn’t forget anything. There are many times when the students tend to forget one of two tasks assigned to them as they were supposed to complete a lot of tasks. They can also keep in touch with a few classmates so that they can call each other in case they forget any assignment.
Help your kid feel confident
Many times, the homework assigned to the student may be highly complicated, and the student may not be able to complete the same. In such a situation, they may lose their confidence. The teachers and parents need to buck up the students and ensure that they don’t undermine themselves.
Share your kids’ workload
Sometimes, the students’ workload is so high that the parents have to chip in and lighten the same. This help may be needed when the students don’t understand his assigned task, or the task is too complicated to understand, or the kid is too exhausted to complete his work. Once in a while, even the teachers allow the kids to seek the help of their parents.
Motivate your child
It is the parents and teachers duty to keep the students motivated and make them realize their abilities and capabilities. This way, the students stay focused on their work and complete it in the best possible manner. While it is essential to point out faults or shortcomings in the kids’ work, it is equally important to give them positive feedback from time to time to keep their spirits high.
Teach the child to work hard
Make your child understand that completing one’s homework is just revising whatever has been taught in the class which is going to help them gain better understanding of the subject. This revision will also help them identify their shortcomings and realize their strengths. This hard work will surely help them to gain better results in their examinations.
Habit of Writing
Completing this task at home also inculcate the habit of writing which comes in handy while writing examinations. Thus, the students must be prepared to work diligently. Moreover, writing the tasks assigned to them also help them learn the topic. This simplifies their work to a significant extent as they are already prepared with the examination.
There are many theories about the advantages and disadvantages of homework. On one hand, there are theories that talk about the benefits coming to a student from homework, while at the same time, there are people who think that there is little or no purpose served with this entire activity. The latter category of people also reiterate that it is better for the students to be more attentive in the class when a particular subject is being taught instead of revising at home. Whatever may be the popular notion, when a student is assigned with a lot of tasks, he must learn ways to complete the same in the most effective manner to the best of his abilities.

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