The Only Way To Stop Masturbation

What is Masturbation?
Masturbation is stimulating one own genital for sexual pleasure.
Masturbation is a very serious psychological and sexual urge that is very hard stop once one start practicing it. Is like alcohol once you are addicted stoping is nearly impossible task to accomplish. What leads one to Masturbate is very vastile but their is one thing which is the root of it. Yes you get it right! only one thing can lead to Masturbation, and what could that be if not almighty pornography!
Pornography is the chief cause of Masturbation. Many people who made to quit this habit told me many times that only if He/her avoided pornography early before, there is no way He/her will be addicted to it.
So from what I got from people in real life, I can confidently conclude that pornography is major cause of Masturbation. Their is other cases that leads to it but pornography is the pilot teleporting them to become easily and unimagine things that arose the urge to masturbate, now you know the cause of Masturbation, let look at the possibly ways of getting rid of it.
Avoid pornography!
This is only way you escape this trap called Masturbation. When I said avoid pornography  is not only about porn videos and pictures but you also have to delete all those pornography you have created in mind and stop thinking about it. Deleting them requires you to come up with something that will keep you busy any time your mind goes there. Doing this repeatedly will gradually eliminate those pictures and feeling-like,  you always have before Masturbating. 
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