Internet Connection Using USB Cable? See How

What is really the best way to connect to internet ? Today i will show you fastest and safe way you can share your internet connection with your PC using USB cable. You might be wondering how possible is that but i can boldly tell you this not a new tech, it has been in existence for long , is just you have not stumble upon post about it. nevertheless weather you know it or not ; i will show you simple way you can share your internet connection using USB cable.

To share your internet connection using usb cable with PC follow this simple steps:

  1. Search for PdaNet+ on Google play store and download
  2. Download PdaNet for PC and intall
  3. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable
  4. Open PdaNet+ app on your phone and check on USB Tether
  5. Click on Pdanet icon on Your PC task bar and click on Connect to USB
  6. ON your data connection.

Why connecting to internet with USB cable is better:

USB tethering will provide you with more speed.

Your phone acts as a modem when in tethering mode. The wireless signals are prone to interference and become weak due to distance, obstructions like walls,furniture etc who absorb the signal and make it weak. Also if your wifi hotspot is setup without a password anyone can connect to your hotspot which is not favourable. Your phone will also consume more battery and also sometimes heats up.

In tethered mode you use an usb cable which prevents interference and provides a stable connection

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