How To Produce Air Freshener


Hey, uchehub will present to you simple way to homely produces your own air fresheners . Below are materials and procedures for producing air freshener :

Chemicals for Making Synthetic Air Freshener

 lngredients and Measurement for the Production of 1 litre of Air Freshener

  1. Menthanol …….1cup
  2. Texapon …………………. 3 tablespoonful
  3. Menthol ………………….. 2 tablespoons
  4. Colour ……………………… as desired
  5. Water ………………………. 1 litre

Empty jars which can be gotten from the people selling these chemicals.
Directions on How to Produce Air Freshener :
  1. Dissolve Menthol in the Methanol, mix gently till the crystal begins to clear. Cover with clothe or ruber and leave it for 5 minutes.
  2. Dissolve Texapon with a little water and pour into the Menthanol solution then stir preperly but gently.
  3. Add water before adding colour and perfume. Stir slowly.
  4. Add colourant to tint your mixture, stirring gently.
  5. Add fragrance and stir, leave it for 4 hours, then package it into a squirt bottle for home use or get print your product name and place on the bottle for sales.
  6. If the air freshener is too concentrated, you can dilute it with water to a moderate concentration.

Note: Chemical like Methanol have toxic fragrance which can lead to permanent blindness or death, if you are allergic to this chemical or have an asthmatic patiém at home, its better to stay away from synthetic air freshener as it tends to worsen the health of such individual or even yours and your pets.

The Best Alternative to Synthetic Air Freshener is

Always open your windows weather during heat and cold season or use light cottons for your doors and window so as to allow fresh ventilation to flow inside your house.
Try always to change your garbage containers to a new one or empty and wash them properly in other to eliminate unpleasant odour. Better still if you are really a fragrance loving individual, you may switch over to making this simple
Natural Air Fresheners using tree extracts (essential oils).
Essential oil when using them to produce natural air freshener, do not only bring out aromatic scent, but also help in creating good mood and also have great health benefits to an individual.
Some of the Esseential Oil and their Benefits are as follows
  • Lemon Serves as an antibacterial, bacteria, astringent, and is used for skin care.
  • Eucalyptus These plants are environment friendly used for decoration, control of erosion, shades, wind break in some places. It also serves antiseptic, anti inflammatory and stimulant. It can be rubbed on the chest to ease difficult breathing and congestion.
  • Rosemary Helps to improve memory, stimulates mind and hair growth and helps in respiratory problems, it also acts as anti-carcinogen (anti-cancer).
  • Tea Tree Can be used for healing of wounds, messaging of scalps, and to stimulate hair growth. .
  • Lavender Serves as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic; it helps in healing headache, aids sleep (insomnia) and relaxation of nervous system.
  • Sweet Orange Refreshes and relaxes the mind, boosts immunity, it serves as an anti-inflammatory, and anti bacterial.
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