How To Permanently Delete Your Instagram Account

Welcome to a tutorial on permanently deleting your instagram account.
Instagram don’t exactly make this easy to do, so I made this tutorial to show you.
When you delete your account, your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes and followers will be permanently removed. If you’d just like to take a break, you can temporarily disable your account instead.
After you delete your account, you can’t sign up again with the same username or add that username to another account, and you can’t reactivate deleted account.
So lets begin.
Open up the instagram app, go to your profile and then click on the settings button.
Scroll all the way down to Help Centre.
in the help centre, search for “Delete Instagram Account”.
click on the link called, how do i delete my account.
The next page gives you information on deleting your instagram account.
copy the link under “delete your account page”
to copy it, hold down on the link and then tap on copy.
Now close the instagram app and open up a web browser.
at the URL bar, paste the link that you just copied and hit go.
you will now need to login to your instagram account.
once you have logged in it will show you account deletion page.
you need to enter a reason for deleting your account, and then a button to permanently delete it will appear.
you need to enter your password one more time in order to confirm it.
and that draws an end to this tutorial.
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