How To Create Facebook Chatbot

How To Create a Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Without Coding – step by step guide.

Are you tired of responding to same questions over and over again on your Facebook page. Don’t you think you are behind, tech have taken over People now employ robot to perform numerous task That was initially meant to humans, Check out how to integrate artificial intelligence (robots] freely to your online business to have instant reply and intaraction to your customers questions and also help them perform some many actions.

In this article will let you know how to create your own chatbot without having to know any programming language.

What is actually the chatbot?

Chatbot is an auto responder which when implement to Facebook page will  solves your biggest problem of being instantly active when someone messages you. It allows you to build conversations with people when they click on the message.

Here’s reasons why you should have chatbot activated on your Facebook page ;
1.  It replies instantly :- You don’t have to keep your audience waiting anymore + you can relax on the weekends.
2. For FAQs:- Tired of answering the same old questions? Chat bots will reply them for you.
3. It help you to regain your lost audience : Chatbots build conversations on first go and asks questions to people with options to lead them to a required destination.
4. For Automating Pings and Broadcasts: People who interact with your chatbot, you can send them regular broadcasts on messenger.
5. It increases your subscribers : You have options to connect your chatbot to various plugin. For example: I have connected my chatbot to RSS feeds of my blog. When people ping they can read and subscribe to my blogs on messenger.
There are two types of chatbots:
One that waits for the audience to message, in order to get started (Here you use answer message as a default message)
One that immediately starts as audience clicks ‘Get Started’ (Here you use welcome message as a default message)
A. It starts with Default Welcome message as soon as the audience clicks get started.
how to create Facebook messenger chat bot
Default message with options as soon as someone clicks ‘Get Started’
B. On clicking any of the given options in default the audience receives further options to explore.
As per Techcrunch, Chatfuel was founded by Russian entrepreneurs Dmitrii Dumik and Artem Ptashnik last year. The company has 12 staff across offices in Moscow and San Francisco, and it earned the backing of Russian Internet Yandex — ‘The Google Of Russia’ — which led its most recent funding round.
Step By Step Process to Create Your Very Own Facebook Messenger Chat Bot:
Step 1: sign in to and open an account using your Facebook account.
Step 2: After you log in, you will see this screen. Click on CREATE A BLANK CHATBOT. This is where you get started.
Facebook messenger chat bot blank chatbot
A Blank ChatBot Is The Starting Point
Below are some important terminology to know.
Block: A block contains messages (could be one or many). You can deliver many cards at the same time within a block. These cards could be Buttons.
Buttons: These are the options that you give at the bottom of the card, you can give users a phone number to call, give options to pick and add few more cards to it to continue the conversation.
Build your first block. Choose a default welcome message and an answer message. The welcome message is the first message someone would see as soon as they click on the message box on Facebook, whereas answer box appears when someone starts a conversation.
What I will show you here’s how to create simple FAQ AND ANSWERS in your Facebook page :
Once signed in, click on default then

configure the default text to your liking. 

Add rss feeds, configure it using your blog rss feed url, blog title and check some or unchecked  the show views it on messenger botton , if you check it people can directly read your blog post on messenger.
To add FAQ click set up AI at the menu, add related QUESTIONS by clicking on set AI rule, using different keywords then provides answer to it


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