How To Cook/Prepare Ayaraya Oka /Otipi

Ayaraya oka is a meal made mostly by Nsukka people of Enugu state in South Eastern Nigeria. It is made from a blend of cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata) with slightly ground maize (Zea mays) and vegetables. Cowpea is an important source of protein in both urban and rural Nigeria.

Cowpea is loaded with various types of nutrients. It is rich in fiber, protein, iron, potassium, low in fat and calories. The cup of cowpea possesses 11.1 g fiber, 13.22 g protein, 4.29 mg iron, 475 mg potassium, 0.91 g fat and 198 calories. Along with that, various amino acids such as 0.612g of tryptophan, 0.41 g of histidine, 0.188 g of Methionine and 0.894 g of lysine is contained in this seed.


Maize, Cowpea, palm oil, water, bitterleaf, oil bean, onions, salt and paper.


  1. Parboil maize for 10-15mins, bring it down and allow to cool.
  2. Grind the maize[parboiled] moderately [not powdery].
  3. Cut bitterleaf ;wash and boil for some minutes, bring it down and change the water – this is to reduce the bitterness.
  4. Hand pick stones from the Cowpea, add Cowpea to the boiling pot, boil the whole thing for long, then check the Cowpea to now if it is done. If so, reduce the water level below the Cowpea and bitterleaf inside, then add little oil.
  5. Add sieve
  6. Carefully add the grind maize evenly into to the sieve, making sure that water inside is small that it will not get mixed with it the maize . Then boil for 15-20 mins, then bring down.
  7. Remove maize to bowel or plate .
  8. Pour bitterleaf -cowpea on sieve and squeeze water out.
  9. Get clean pot and fry oil for 30 seconds.
  10. Add onions and paper.
  11. Add water, oil bean, salt and stir, allow to boil for 3 minutes.
  12. Mix the maize, Cowpea-bitterleaf and the soup together, stir very well .
  13. food is ready, serve!
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