How To Cook Fried Rice

Health is wealth they said, also a hungry man is angry man. Though you might have something to eat but no appetite for it. Today I will present to how to prepare fried rice . Just follow the instructions under to have a good meal .


*Chicken broth
*Red kidney beans
*Carrots(diced), peas, string beans(snapped), sweet corn ,green pepper(deseeded and diced), cabbage(sliced thinly),

*Kidney(cooked and diced)
*Curry/thyme, nutmeg (grounded), fresh garlic(ground), Onions(sliced) *butter/vegetable oil
*Salt/seasoning(royco cubes)
*White pepper or camerounian pepper(l prefer the camerounian pepper, because of it’s aroma)
Method of preparation :
  • 1. Wash the rice properly, and boil until half done.
  • 2. Season the chicken with the curry,thyme, garlic royco cubes, salt, onions, allow to marinate for at least 30 mins, then cook with a little water until properly done
  • 3 Remove the Chicken from the broth. 
  • 4, Deep fry the chicken until the coat is lightly browned.
  • 5. Pour fresh vegetable oil or butter into a pot.
  • 6. Fry onions until browned.
  • 7. Add carrots, cabbage, peas,string beans, kidney beans, kidney, sweet corn,green pepper,curry(you may add yellow food colouring,because curry does not make the rice yellow enough), thyme,nutmeg,pepper,seasoning(royco cubes),salt
  • 8. Fry for 2 mins,
  • 9. Add broth(check to make sure it will cook the rice,if not enough add a liitle water)
  • 10. Cook for 15/20 mins until the rice is done.

Serve with the Fried chicken 
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