Facts About Android Web Server That Allow You Run WordPress On Localhost That Will Make You Think Twice.

Greetings, Today I return again with an extraordinary bundle for you, what I will uncover is something that will definitely help in a few occurrences in your everyday life . As large as the planet Earth seems to be, I disclose to you that internet did pack it to global village as well as to a family unite . In spite of the fact that it may take you long to connect with  your relatives, yet with fast development in tech industry, the entire countries has immerge as one town on your palm. What at that point join us if not the power of web-based social networking and our online presence everywhere throughout the internet community with the assistance of our internet devices, PC and Smartphones. PC handles the greater part of our needs successfully yet isn’t convenient as smart phones[ portability] and that gives smartphone an edge over PC. As I do tell my friend that the greater part of things individuals do with the PC can really be done  with smart  phones, He was suprise seeing me run my WordPress offline on localhost  with my smart phone , He insisted I most let him know how, and that is the thing that motivate me to compose this article to demonstrate to and disclose better best practices to run WordPress on localhost on your smart phone – android.
I Will give it pictorial representations for simple seeing, so take great breath. then take after directions listed below:
1. Android web server
2. WordPress file zip.
3. Your browser [Google Chrome, Firefox or UCBrowser]
Here’s couple of things you have to know about Android web server :
a. No root required
b. Backings relatively every Android working framework form ( Ginger Bread to Nougat )
c. Totally Free to download the android web server
d. No ads
Highlights :
# Features
– Built-in PHPMyAdmin ( phpMyAdmin 4.1.10)
– PHP 5.5.9
– MySQL 5.1.62
– Lighttpd 1.4.34
– MSMTP 1.4.31
– Nginx 1.5.1
More highlights :
Simple and programmed establishment.
Everything is preconfigured .
Low memory utilization which is reasonable for low end android gadgets as well.
Low CPU utilization.
Capacity to make serving demand at the same time
2. Download wordpress  zip file . Open and extract the envelope wordpress [I propose you utilize ES explorer here]
3. Open kickweb server tap on rushed to begin the localhost server.

4. Inside the kickweb server tap on Internet symbol and utilize your browser  to login to your phpmyadm. [leave password key empty]
5. Go to your file manager , find the wordpress you extracted ; look for folder name htdocs on your phone memory, open it and paste the wordpress there.

6. Go to phpMyAdmin and make a database for the establishment.

7. Visit your WordPress dashboard  at “http://localhost:8080/wordpress” on your smartphone.
8. Install  WordPress as usual.
9. Visit WordPress.org/plugins download any plugins of your choice .
10. On your WordPress dashboard go to plugins click add new to upload and activate it.

Download kickweb server from Google play store here

( function() {
if (window.CHITIKA === undefined) { window.CHITIKA = { ‘units’ : [] }; };
var unit = {“calltype”:”async[2]”,”publisher”:”Uchehub”,”width”:550,”height”:250,”sid”:”Chitika Default”};
var placement_id = window.CHITIKA.units.length;


You can also  preview your html, php and other file with it. To do this ,  creat folder  within the htdocs  and save , preview it by first opening  your kickweb server then tap the internet icon, open with any browser. Click the address bar and  add the folder name you just created at end. Example : http//localhost:8080/[the folder name]

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