Convert YouTube Videos To Text

Hey, Do you know one can actually get transcript of any YouTube videos. Below are some benefits of transcription;
  • Accessibility to Deaf or hard of hearing. 
  • For Better Comprehension. 
  • Viewability in Sound-Sensitive Environments. If one is on a noisy train or on a crowded street, transcription will convey the speech when the sound is obscured. Transcription also let viewers enjoy videos on mute in quiet environments like a library or office.
  • Translation into Foreign Languages. You search for video but it is not provided in your language, best thing you can do is to transcript and convert to your own language.

How to transcript YouTube Videos

  1. Go to or YouTube app on your phone
  2. Search the video you want to transcript
  3. Copy the video link 
  4. Go to DIYCaptions paste the link and go, It will preview the video click, on auto-generate to transcript.

You can also add DIYCaptions  extension on your Google Chrome browser (PC) for easy transcription.
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