See How To Get Adsense Verification PIN deliver To You Easily AT Your Door Step in Nigeria

You will surely get your ADSENSE PIN deliver to right away at your door step. Just follow the tips am about to share with you. Many bloggers had or having challenge of verifying their ADSENSE account reason that the supposed PIN for verification is not arriving at right place. You are not alone , last week i went to postal office to check for my friend’s own. but I was told it have not arrive. Surprisingly there are many other ones pilled there that there owners are not coming for it. I told them to call me once mine arrives, they laugh at me that I be checking it always that the stuff do not have phone number!

Surprisingly I got a call a week after it that my Document has arrived, whether am at home that they are already on their way to my home. Yes ! I Got it delivered at my door step.

You may have noticed that from the above story that I did not give my phone number or address to the postal officers. but they were calling and came to my Home.

TO Get Your ADSENSE PIN Deliver To You Right Away Do The Following:

Before your earning reaches $10 make sure you update your profile so it matches whatever document you will be using for verification.

The Name should match the one you have on Document

The address 1 Should match the one on document

Google your City Zip Code and key in

The address 2: – This is where i do my Tricks. Here put your current address starting from your House No.>street name > town> City | phone No: 07063…..

If you followed the above tips they will call you once your ADSENSE PIN arrived the city you indicated.

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