How To Open Paypal Account That Receive Money In Nigeria in 5 Minutes

is no longer news that Paypal do not accept Nigeria. Their partial acceptance was owing to the growth of Nigeria internet community, and they really want to exploit us by allowing Nigerian to only SEND money but can not RECEIVE, to me, that is nonsense, we want to bring HOME our money not sending it again ABROAD . Anyway the reasons for their action might NOT be far from “fraudster label” always tag on NIGERIA when you talk about online business on GLOBAL Community. Nervelessness , today I will show you how to legally get behind and open Paypal account that actually receives money .

Yeah this brief but complete guild will help you to setup PayPal business account as Nigerian.

Requirement :

  • Master Card /Dollar Account from any of Nigeria Banks
  • Your personal details .

Yeah , that is only two things required of you, we are not going to formulate anything. in Paypal the only account that can receive money is BUSINESS ACCOUNT but as a Nigerian when you directly navigate to Paypal website their would not be an option to choose business account during account creation. But their is a solution, we will not go there as a Nigerian but will register as a Nigerian,. Funny bah? just follow the steps bellow to get started.

  • Follow here to register: This will allow you visit them as South African
  • Once you are there, Register as a Nigerian, Yeah .select your country as Nigeria, and key in your other details correctly.
  • Confirm your email address.

Yeah, you are all almost done! follow here to link your master card / your dollar account with it.

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