2020 MTN Daily Free Browsing ~100MB Per Day

Hello!, Welcome. Today I will unveile to you how to get 100mb daily on your MTN SIM CARD.

But before I go in details, it’s important you note this may not be ideal for heavy Internet users, who browse and download a lot. Nevertheless, it will surely help you stay up online on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and even surf the Internet at a go

100mb daily for MTN users, Is that a Cheat?

It’s not really a Cheat just few tweak. Lol. But who cares? free browsing dey sweet everyone. Only people that are not benefiting from it are ones up online reporting it to Network Providers.

But, you will surely get amazing respond from them if you report this, You know why? Because this is not a Cheat. .

Enough of my tori, let dive in fully. 

Getting started! How I browse freely with MTN.

My MTN free browsing tweak is divide into two main sections and one Note if I may say.

Section one : 50mb daily on MTN

Yes, this seems like cheat sha  ,

Here’s how to get your first 50mb daily on MTN.

Search on Google play store, and download an app named TWEAKWARE. This app will Give you 50MB Daily.

Open the app and select free server.

Select again either Updated MTN NG 0.0kb free 2 or Updated MTN NG 0.0kb free 4. Yeah this two work great.

Click on connect and wait as it connect 

Section 2. 50mb daily for MTN users powered by Opera mini.

Recently, MTN introduced 50mb for daily browsing on Opera mini app sponsored by opera mini itself.

So, no story here just download opera mini and enjoy 50mb daily freely for browsing on it. .

The Note : How to browse freely again when you exhaust the MTN 100mb daily.

Yeah, this tweak is just 100mb per day. But you can still surf the Internet when you used it up.

Here’s the how to surf Internet freely without data.

This tweak works also with Airtel and Etisalat.

Free browsing by bing powered by Facebook.

Bing is powerful search engine. The good news is that you can search on Internet freely using bing search engine. But there is a lot of limitations. This free search is just on bing so any external links cannot be accessed freely. In other words, you smartly grab what ever you are looking for at it search result page.

Free browsing powered by Facebook.

Yes, Facebook has collaborated with MTN, Airtel and Etisalat for free access to many Websites on the Internet. The lunched freebasic, an initiative to help people stay up online.

How to browse on free basic.

Here’s are top websites on free basic.





And many others. So, the information you are looking maybe be on those websites.

How to search on freeBasic.

Visit Internet.org

Scroll down to the bottom

Click on search.

Then type in your keywords and go.

Yes that is for now. Please recommend this to friends, it is free and for every MTN users . So, use the comment section if you are experiencing any difficulties on any of the sections.

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