How To Stop Being a Nice Guy

Today I’m going to talk about how to stop being such a nice guy and how to start being a boss who everybody respects. Saying that it feels right.

You need to stop asking and start suggesting

What do you want to do? Don’t allow others dictate to you. it’s up to you, nice guys are deathly afraid of offending or inconveniencing other people so they constantly ask.

For permission.

For approval.

Other people what they want to do.

And clearly this does not look confident. it will not help you.

By making a suggestion it will show other people that you have balls and that you’re not afraid to take the lead and both of these things are super attractive qualities.

You got to draw the line

You need to be prepared to draw the fucking line. if someone tries to change your plans or someone says something to you that’s not actually okay with you you need to let him know. that feels good.

Confront them Now

so let’s say you’re at gym and somebody takes a piece of equipment that you’re using. This pisses everybody off but there’s a few ways you can handle this, first of all let’s take a look at what the nice guy does: a nice guy gets furious here partly because of what happens but mostly because he doesn’t trust himself to handle the situation he’s afraid of confrontation and because of that he just carries this pent-up aggression inside of him he doesn’t actually do anything until he explodes. So instead this is what you need to do is confront people as soon as shit hits the fan the sooner the better.

Always tell stories

Nice guys hate being the center of attention and they do everything they can to divert the attention to other people and obviously this makes you look weak and better compared to the guys who don’t mind having the attention. now I’m not saying to be an attention whore but I am saying that you need to get comfortable having people’s attention and an easy way to get comfortable doing this is to tell stories.

Always keep it 100

If you’re always asking or wondering how can I get this girl to like me then bro you’re guilty of this because what you’re really asking here is: how can i trick this girl into liking me? Nice guys are so afraid of being embarrassed or rejected that they would rather try and manipulate people into doing something for them rather than just keeping it a hundred and asked him for like. Ask her do you want to hang out? sometime if she says no you need to move on and if girls keep saying no to you, then bro you need to look in the fucking mirror because you’re probably not an attractive enough. man you can just start hitting the gym and working on your body, you need to start working on your style, you need to start working on your skincare, you need to start working on taking your career to the next level and this doesn’t just go for girls. You need to have the balls to ask for whatever it is that you want in life. Sometime ask your boss what do I need to do in order to get a raise? Because otherwise you’re just being weak and manipulative anyway.

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