How To Print Any Webpage With Android Phone

Hi, welcome to this amazing tutorial on how you can actually print any web page with Android phone .

The usefulness of printing a Webpage

Just like record keeping, printing a Webpage is perfect way to have a hard copy of information sourced. Unlike saving the Webpage which seem convenient and portable. Having a hard copy have an edge over soft copy version, because hard copy is more convenience when revisited.

Printing Webpage on Android phone 📱. How?

As, greater percentage of people access the Internet with mobile phone, owing to it portability. Many stuff originally meant for desktop computer can easy be done on mobile phone now . So, today I will show you how to print Webpage with Android phone.

Just your browser no software download needed.

  1. Open your browser (Google chrome)
  2. Browse and open any Webpage
  3. Click on ellipsis(three vertical dots icon) at the top right corner
  4. Click on share the select print
  5. Select page range you love to print. You can leave at default to print the whole pages.
  6. Click save.

Yes you can now print it with your phone or copy it to your PC.

With this same trick you can successfully convert any Webpage to PDF document using your android phone

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