How To Prevent Someone From Seeing Your Whatsapp Status Without Blocking or Removing The Contact

Hello, welcome again to this brief but complete tutorial on how you can actually hide your whatsapp status update from being visible to a particular contact or person. But before I go on, let us discuss the benefits :

It help you joke around: Just imagine when you have a funny but romantic thoughts but you know your parents or pastor would not find it funny. So, here it important you prevent them from seeing it in the first place.

To avoid unnecessary questions: You took an ordinary pictures with a beautiful girl or handsome guy and update it on your status. Hope you know what your boy/girl friend reply will be.

To maintain privacy: Yes you can narrow your audience down to people you are OK with.

To hide Whatsapp statue to a particular contact or person without blocking or removing the contact is very simply. Follow the instructions I outlined below to do so.

  1. Open your whatsapp app
  2. Click on status
  3. Click on the three dot icon at top right corner
  4. Click status privacy
  5. Then check on “My contacts except..”
  6. Mark the contact (s) , then click the good icon ✔️ to set it up.

Yes that is all. If you want to make it public again, set the visibility to “My contacts”

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