How To Delete Your Post /Comment on Nairaland

Hello, Have you ever created a thread/post on nairaland that it get to a point that you want to take it down. is not only you. Sometime after creating a thread people rush in derailing your post or maybe laughing for ignorance. The best thing to do in such case is to take down the post. You might think below is the solution :

Delete/deactivate your account :

deleting or deactivating your nairaland account will not take down your post.

Editing post /comments: this might help only if no one has quated you.

How to delete your posts /comments on nairaland

Edit the post or comment : to successfully pull down your posts or comments on nairaland is important you know some nairaland blacklisted keywords. So, with the help of antibot any time you include any of nairaland blacklisted keywords on your post/comments it will get deleted/hidden

Example : edit your post/comment add “zeemic” to it and update. Your post/comments will be deleted but you will be temporarily ban from that section from for 24 hours.

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