How To Check Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and MTN phone Number

Hello! Today I will show you how to check your phone number on GLO, AIRTEL, Etisalat and MTN.

What’s need of this?

Your phone number is something you should not forget, but don’t worry if you don’t know yours. Surely, there are many post about this on Internet. So, will give you a brief but complete tutorial on how to check your phone number on any Network.

OK, let keep rolling. To check your phone with just a dial, do the following.

How to check MTN phone number

as I promised, I will not bore you with unnecessary details.

To check your MTN phone number dial *663#, your phone number will pop up and get texted to you as well. Yeah, it’s free!

How to check your GLO phone number

Unlike the MTN, To View your phone number on GLO is not straight forward but it still cost you nothing to do so. To view Glo phone number get a pen, book any other writing materials to write it down. Call 1244 they will voice your number.

How to check AIRTEL phone number

To check your airtel number, dial *121# follow the pop up menu, select my account > my number to view your phone number

How to check your Etisalat number

Just Dial *248# and your phone number will be displayed

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