Instant Loan Without Collateral With Access Bank

Hello everyone, sometimes one will be in urgent need of money but help is not coming. Maybe your Brother, Sister, Dad, or Uncle said tomorrow and your friends couldn’t help you either.

In such situation, where there is hope for money but you have an important bill You Must Settle at moment. Then below becomes the solution.

Yes loans without collateral is the new trend in Nigeria, there are many online financial companies with huge offers. Nigeria Bank ; Access Bank have joined the Trend! Loan without collateral, no paper work! No signing. Instant credit alert 😊.

To Enjoy this, do the following:

Get started by dialling *426*11#

Check amount you are eligible for

Check rate

Type in wisely the amount you can pay back

You will get credit alert instantly


Important note: The repayment takes 30 days or payday(whichever comes first)

Charges are :

interest rates 4%

Management fee 1%

Credit life insurance 0.15%

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