How To Make Liquid Soap For Dishwashing in Nigeria

Liquid soap as the name suggest is a soap in liquid form. It a clean agent that is handy for most home washing.

Liquid soapy is also know as detergent ; it has the ability to emulsify oil and hold dirty in suspension.

Liquid soap is popular all over the world. It is a preferably used to wash cloths and kitchen utensils, but liquid soap is widely use to wash hand .

learn how to make liquid soap will ideal for everyone , it cheap to make and one can also earn a living producing liquid soap in a bigger way.

Chemical needed for liquid soap making

1Nitrosol1/4kgit thickens the water, it give it the slippery texture
2Soda-Ash(Caustic soda)1/2kgFunction as a cleaning agent
3STPP(Sodium Tripoly Phosphate)1 cupit serves as a prevertives ,it makes the liquid soap to stay ensures the stability of liquid detergent when used
4SLS(Sodium Laurate Sulphate)1/4kgIt makes the soap to form,(foam boaster5
5Texapon1/4kgThis is also a foaming agent
6Sulphonic1/4kg1 litre
7Perfume2 rubsIt gives it good and pleasant smell
8Color2 spoonsIt is used for beautifying the liquid soap


  • Nitrosol: It is the first chemical you will add in the water. Do not pure it at once. Do it just little , stir it well after the water turn thicky.-10mins.
  • Soda ash: Cleaning agent -7mins.
  • Caustic soda: It is the second chemical you will add after Nitrosol- 7mins.
  • SLS: This is the fourth chemicla you mixed after caustic soada and stir it very well-10mins.
  • Texapon:This is the fifth chemical you will mixed after STPP ,also stir it very well-4mins
  • Foaming Agent: This is the Six chemical you will add sfter texapon also stir very well
  • Perfume: This the seventh chemical ,add and mix very well also.-2mins
  • Color: Add and stir very well-3mins

When you are done , allow the foaming to rest before pouring into desired container available.

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