How To Download YouTube Playlist Videos With Just a Click

Hello! have you try downloading YouTube playlist videos but was unable? Yes it very frustrating` especially when you need to download a whole YouTube playlist but find yourself downloading it in badge, one after another . if you want take down YouTube playlist videos with just a click CONGRATULATIONS as you come to the right place..

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Normally , if you want to download a single YouTube video all you need to do so is to click on the address bar when you are already on the video you love to download. Edit the link by adding “ss ” immediately after www. (example instead of,com/… change it to…)then click the new URL and it will redirect you savefrom net website to download video quality you desire. but you know sometimes ;when watching videos on YouTube especially tutorial video they are package and rightly presented on playlist for easy navigation to topics and section. And it is very frustrating to keep repeating the above processes when the YouTube playlist have up ten videos. So, today i will show you how to download YouTube playlist videos easily with just a single click to get it downloaded.

How to download YouTube playlist easily

Download 4k YouTube downloader (for PC)

Copy YouTube URL of one of the videos on the playlist. to do this , once you are on the video click the address bar and highlight the link then copy

Paste the URL on 4k YouTube downloader , it will notify you that the video is from playlist CLICK ON DOWNLOAD PLAYLIST. it will start processing the YouTube playlist and playlist videos will start to download right away.

Yeah that is all, love this? share to your friends it will help them in one way or other.

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