The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views

Martin Vassilev makes a good living marketing fake views on YouTube videos. working from home in Ottawa, he has sold-out about fifteen million views so far this year, putting him on track to usher in over $200,000, records show. Mr. Vassilev, 32, doesn’t give the views himself. His web site,, connects customers with services … Read moreThe Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views

How to boost your blog traffic without paying using Social media

You can get traffic organically without having to pay for it if you have a ton of followers. So today I will present to you two underutilized social media tricks you can try to your blog post. The first thing I have for you is the use of Instagram to promote your blog post. Yes … Read moreHow to boost your blog traffic without paying using Social media

how to stop snoring while sleeping

Snoring is act of breathing noisily once one is asleep. This usually undermine people’s comfort who shares space with you , and it seemingly leaves you feeling tired in the morning. If you wish to stop snoring, you’ll build simple style changes to cut back your snoring risk, and you’ll take steps to keep your airways open. It’s also an honest idea to speak to your doctor regarding your snoring, as medical treatments could also be necessary. Sleeping  1. Do not drink alcohol right before you go to bed. Alcohol … Read morehow to stop snoring while sleeping

Woman Gives Birth To Quintuplets

A 29-year-old woman , Mrs Ndidi Odo from igbo Eze South LGA, ENUGU State, though reside in Anambra has given birth to quintuplets. She was delivered at God’s Mercy Hospital, Obiuno, Otolo-Nnewi. Many people gathered to behold the couple, Mr and Mrs Abuchi Odo, and their quintuplets. The mother of the five new-born babies (four … Read moreWoman Gives Birth To Quintuplets

How To Start a Blog And Best Way To Make Money Online Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your view. It help one to expand one’s business online presence. With this you can actually promote your personal brand or business to target audience.  Currently, creating a blog is easier than ever. I’ll guide you through everything with pictorial illustrations , so you get your … Read moreHow To Start a Blog And Best Way To Make Money Online Blogging

Convert YouTube Videos To Text

Hey, Do you know one can actually get transcript of any YouTube videos. Below are some benefits of transcription; Accessibility to Deaf or hard of hearing.  For Better Comprehension.  Viewability in Sound-Sensitive Environments. If one is on a noisy train or on a crowded street, transcription will convey the speech when the sound is obscured. … Read moreConvert YouTube Videos To Text