See Amazing Invisible House People live in

The rate at which science and technology is advancing, you should not be surprise if human teleporting becomes functional in the near future. Here are collections of some cool mirror house that people live in and it looks great. Keep scrolling down to see the Amazing homes create as they disappear into forests and deserts

Crazy Rag Day

‘Ragging’, as students like to call it in Nigeria, is usually part of the Student Union week when students, especially the newly admitted ones, adorn rags or dress in a less sensible manner and storm the streets in a bid to raise funds for charity., This one pass Rag day, it looks crazy and funny! …

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how to stop snoring while sleeping

Snoring is act of breathing noisily once one is asleep. This usually undermine people’s comfort who shares space with you , and it seemingly leaves you feeling tired in the morning. If you wish to stop snoring, you’ll build simple style changes to cut back your snoring risk, and you’ll take steps to keep your airways open. It’s also an honest idea to speak to your doctor regarding your snoring, as medical treatments could also be necessary. Sleeping  1. Do not drink alcohol right before you go to bed. Alcohol …

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Diving With corodile

Many people would love 😍 to have a pet. They can make you feel relaxed, remove your stress, and keep your mind off other things. But sometimes, these animals can turn against you because unlike humans, they are not capable of reasoning especially if you choose to domesticate such an ANIMAL .   Though is really …

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