How To Make Carrot oil Easily At Home

Hello! welcome to this quick but complete tutorial for making carrot oil. Carrot oil is very healthy and good for it nourishment of one skin and hair. I’m going to be showing you two different ways to make your carrots oil
To get started, here are the main ingredient for making carrot oil:

The main ingredients you need for this carrots oil is just some CARROTS and any CARRIER OIL of your choice


I will share with you two simple two method to make carrot oil. So, let get started with the first method.

Making Carrot Oil : First Method

Put pot on fire with little water therein . allow it come to a boil

While the water is boiling go ahead to peel the carrot . But you can skip this step; the flesh still get some nutritive value in it.

Create it : Making sure you create it into a tiny pieces so that it will be easier to extract the juice from the carrot.

Add olive oil to the created carrot.

Cover the glass jar and put into the boiling water

Boil for just ten(10)minutes

Bring it down and set aside

Allow to cool

Pour the cooked created carrot into a sieve using spoon to help drain the oil to container underneath the sieve.

Yeah your carrot oil is ready, pour into any small storage container and start using it .

Making Carrot Oil : Second Method

Peel the carrot and create it : this is to allow easy extraction of carrot oil

Put frying pan on fire

Pour olive oil to the frying pan – just a to cover the surface . much olive oil is not needed!

Fry for ten(10)munites then bring it down

Use sieve(not plastic one) to drain the carrot oil into a container

Transfer the carrot oil to any desired container for use

Yeah that is simple way to make carrot oil. So, simply right? carrot oil from the first method still contain most of it nutrients and is ideal for skin and hair nourishment. While the carrot oil from the second method is also good for skin/hair nourishment , I prefer it for cooking.

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