How Increase Your Business Outreach With Digital Marketing

Hey, welcome to yet another great tutorial from uchehub, after this brief but complete tutorial on Digital marketing your success online is assured if you utilise the Amazing opportunity.

Before we go on, What is Digital Marketing?

It’s no longer news that over 85% population of any Developing or Developed countries have access to the Internet. And what does that mean to your business?

Before 21 century radio, Television, Newspapers and billboards were predominantly ways to show your products or tell more people about your services but now, with improved technology Internet marketing has a better promising features.

Digital marketing is all about making your business visible to your main audience. Unlike Radio, TV, billboards and Newspapers advert have random audience. In Digital marketing you choose :


From Where?

Will see Your products and services. Okay let break it down further.

Who will see your products and services

In Digital marketing you have option to select exact audience Like:

Gender : You choose wether you want your campaign to be visible to Man or Woman, you can even choose both!

Age: What are the latest trends in town? For who? Here you can select particular age range for your campaign.

Interest : There’s no gain showing your campaign to people’s that will unlikely be your customer. So here you customize your campaign further to be available only those that have interest in your products or services you offer.

From Where?

There’s no need of showing your business to people that is far away, when you don’t have any means of delivery your services and products to them within short periods of time. So, it’s better you target people you can serve. This is done by selecting particular Area, Town, City, State, Country and Continent where your services is/are available.

Some kinds of Digital marketing


Search Engine marketing, this perfect way to target your potential customers already looking for your product or Service. When you key in some keywords on Google and search, The 3-4 result on Google search result page are usually an ads. So it’s good to structure campaigns well to avoid your ads being triggered when people search a keywords that just relate to your own. Below are brief summary of some keywords :

Short-tail keyword: as the name suggests, these keyword is made three to four words. a good example are : “blogging tutorial “, ” How to make money”, “Free browsing” and so on.


High search volume


High competition
Low intent to purchase
Low conversion rate

Long-tail keyword: Long-tail keywords consist of more than 3 words. They are also usually much more specific than short-tail keywords.


High conversion rate

Low completion


Search Volume is low

Display ads :

This a good way to retergate your potential customers that have already show interest in your products and services. This are ads you see as you browse different pages of Web.

Social Media Advertising:

When it comes to advertising, you Shouldn’t neglect social media campaigns. This is because social media has more user detail like :

There relationship status: whether single, dating married or searching

Their interests : Jokes, motivation, politics, fashion etc.

Age. Social media also have user date of birth on their database.

Their actions : Yes many people ignore ads, But with social media you can set a goal to get more visit to site or more like and share.

The above just a basic knowledge about Digital marketing. If you tend to master it all, I suggest you start by taking this amazing online course by Google. It’s free to partake plus certificate after successful completion. What then is the course I’m talking about if not Fundamental Of Digital Marketing by Google, it one of their empowerment course on “learnwithgoogle ” a Digital Skills for Africa.

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